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Watch: The Importance of Failure – TEDx Naperville

Adam Russo, Edgewood’s Chairman & CEO, has presented dozens of times to many school districts and parent organizations about the Importance of Failure in child development.

Culture Doesn’t Teach Grit Anymore

I don’t know about you, but I’m frustrated. The more I look around, the more I see young people not being able to tolerate struggle and adults who believe its their duty to remove struggle from the lives of young people. It’s ridiculous. Let’s start with young people (ages 14-22). They are growing up in []

Wussification of Our Society – Part II

This is it. People talk about how soft we’re making our kids; the coddling, pampering, protecting. We’ve talked about inclusion, making kids feel good, how we all need to take care of each other and be sensitive to the needs of others. But as a therapist and business owner, it needs to stop. This story []

Getting A’s: From Autism to Asperger’s and Everything on the Spectrum

Although all the testing in the world can’t capture the whole story of a child’s behavioral concerns, the correct testing can provide valuable insight to help each child succeed. Reaching a diagnosis can be an arduous journey because there’s a lack of understanding about how the symptoms and diagnoses vary between boys and girls. The []

Tips for Talking With Teens

Even beginning with early involvement in children’s lives, there may come a time when children become reluctant to discuss what’s going on with them. Sometimes there’s a very obvious resistance when questioned, in teens’ tone of voice and choice of words; other times, the signs are more subtle, reflected in grades, less visibility around the []