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Edgewood’s CEO interviewed in the Naperville Sun

In the wake of recent suicides at local high schools, a student at Naperville North High School created a petition to collect signatures to change the academic culture there.  This is causing the community to respond in what will hopefully be positive ways; our CEO was interviewed by the Sun to get his commentary.  Click []

The Importance of Failure: Additional 2017 Dates!

Adam Russo, LCSW, will be presenting ‘How Letting Children Fail Today Leads to Lifelong Success’ to parents in Batavia & St. Charles on two additional dates!   Immanuel Lutheran Church                                                    []

Watch TEDx Naperville Talk – The Importance of Failure

Edgewood’s Chairman & CEO, Adam Russo, spoke at TEDx Naperville about the importance of teaching kids how to fail and redefining success for parents.  

Culture Doesn’t Teach Grit Anymore

I don’t know about you, but I’m frustrated. The more I look around, the more I see young people not being able to tolerate struggle and adults who believe its their duty to remove struggle from the lives of young people. It’s ridiculous. Let’s start with young people (ages 14-22). They are growing up in []