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Ask the Edge Expert: October 2017

This month’s blog is about “Being With” your child and not trying to save them from feeling uncomfortable. “Connecting before Redirecting”. October 2017 Featured Expert: Carly Schrimpl, LCSW “Being With” Learn ways to flourish your Child’s Self-Worth Parents are on frontlines of developing self-worth for the children they care about. It is often underestimated the []

Donate to Hurricane Victims

The City of Naperville is working to get needed items to victims in an organized way. If you would like to donate, please use the following reputable links below:   Ongoing and up to date information can be found at the City of Naperville website.

Ask an Edge Expert: September 2017 Edition

School is back in session and so is athletics. This is a great blog on what parents can look for and the professionals that can help! September 2017 Featured Expert: Kelsey Ruffing, LPC Title: Assessing Mental Health in Athletes & Seeking Help When Needed Athletes are a tricky bunch when it comes to receiving mental health []

Ask the Edge Expert: August 2017

The Back to School Bells are ringing!! Our Blog this month will focus on preparing our children and ourselves for the transition back to school. August 2017 Featured Expert: Dr. Donna Marino, Psy.D Back to School Time I can’t believe it is August already and the kids are getting ready to go back to school! []

Adam Russo to speak at “INNOVATION” through DuPage Children’s Museum.

How failure is viewed and handled can be a key determining factor in driving innovation and breakthrough thinking or stopping a project dead in its tracks. Reframing and rethinking what it means to fail can pave a path to fuel innovation. Join DuPage Children’s Museum for an evening of inspiring and stimulating discussion centered around ways to []