Groups for Children and Adolescents

Groups for Children and Adolescents

Our Social Skills Groups provide a unique opportunity for children and adolescents to develop improved self-awareness, ability to follow adult direction, and appropriate peer interaction skills within a fun, structured therapeutic setting.

Before your child or adolescent begins attending group sessions, you will have an Initial Parent Meeting to discuss any relevant medical, social and academic history, in addition to any current concerns or questions you may have. At this meeting you will also work together to develop treatment goals specific to the needs of your child to be put in place in the upcoming group. You may also wish to share this information with school staff or other services provider.

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Positive Pals (ages 4-5, Co-ed)

Positive Pals is a semi-structured therapy group targeting children who struggle to apply age appropriate social skills due to ADHD, communication issues, impulse control difficulties, or having a hard time regulating emotions. Your child will learn how to overcome sensory challenges, improve comprehension, learn to take turns, share, practice manners, and strengthen listening skills, as well as develop coping strategies.

Day/Time: Wednesdays 3:30-4:23pm
Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Holly Mauer, LPC

Social Kids (K-1st grade, Co-ed)

Social Kids is a social skills group focused on building relationships through enhancing children’s social thinking abilities. In this structured group, children learn the interpersonal, emotional management, and communication skills needed to be good friends, as through facilitated play, the group practices flexible thinking, self-calming, and reading and responding to facial expressions to enhance social connections.

Day/Time: Thursdays 4:30 – 5:23 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Day/Time: Thursdays 5:30 – 6:23 pm

Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Holly Mauer, LPC



Connections (2nd-3rd grade, Co-ed)

Connections is a co-ed, structured social skills group focusing on how to build and improve relationships with peers by “playing detective” to find common interests, read social cues, and improve perspective on taking turns.  This group will help kids learn self-calming skills, strategies to manage rejection and unhealthy peer interactions.

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 6:00-6:53pm
Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Tenisha White, PsyD

STARS (4th-5th grade, Co-ed)

STARS is our Social Thinking And Readiness Skills group which provides children with a supportive place to practice relationship skills. Designed for kids who need help with the subtle details of being a friend, as well as growing more confident in navigating our social world.  Participants will cooperate, collaborate, and converse while engaging in playful activities and making positive memories together.

Day/Time: Tuesdays 6:10 – 7:03 pm
Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Kevin Sprenkle, PsyD

Self-Expression and Emotions Club (5th-8th grade, Co-Ed)

SEEC provides a safe and positive space for 5th-8th grade boys and girls to discuss relevant topics and concerns, such as school, friends, and home life. SEEC utilizes a supportive and open environment to help facilitate positive group interaction, cooperation, and social skills.  SEEC offers 5th-8th grade students a therapeutic and fun atmosphere to develop positive self-esteem, communication skills, and social interaction.

Day/Time: Saturdays 1:00pm-1:53pm
Location: North Naperville Office
Leader: Daniel Laluna, PsyD

Teen Spirit! (Ages 11-15, Girls Only)

This girl’s group provides a space for girls to share similar worries and feelings and learn tools for coping.  The girls will benefit from practicing social skills to help get them through those sometimes awkward and anxiety provoking experiences with peers and help them with making and keeping friends.

Day/Time: Tuesdays 7:00 – 7:53 pm
Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Kate Kindle, LCPC

Anxiety Boot Camp (ages 12-16, Co-ed)

This group is a structured 10 week psycho-educational group for adolescents’ age 12 to 16.  This group will utilize a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to understanding what anxiety is and develop the strategies necessary to combat anxiety symptoms.

Day/Time: Thursdays 7:00-7:53pm
Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Tenisha White, PsyD

Self-Expression Through Music and Songwriting (ages 14-18, Co-ed)


Self-Expression Through Music and Songwriting group is for adolescents (age 14-18) who are interested in and would benefit from expressing themselves through singing, songwriting, music playing, and recording.  Music and writing have long been a form of expressive arts that foster improved self-esteem and self-competence, as well as a form of positive social relationships for individuals with shared interests in writing, singing, and recording music.  If your child is musically creative and is interested in having a small group outlet to express themselves through music, this group is just for them!!

Day/Time: Saturdays 2pm-3pm
Location: North Naperville Office
Leader: Daniel Laluna, PsyD

Young Men’s Council (9th-12th grade)

A welcoming group with any of the following common issues such as low self-esteem, insecurity, sadness, low motivation, relationship problems, lack of purpose or direction and academic underperformance.   These young men are seeking acceptance and are looking for a way to connect on their terms and around their interests.  This group provides a nonjudgmental forum where boys can voice their feelings without being criticized or shamed.  Together they will learn how to replace negative self-defeating thought patterns with positive ones, identify the situations and emotions that trigger problematic behaviors and how to make the transition from boyhood to teenage life successfully.

Day/Time: Mondays 6pm-6:53pm
Location: South Naperville Office
Leader: Daniel Laluna, PsyD

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