Presurgical Evaluations and Post-Surgical Counseling

Bariatric Surgeries & Pain Pumps

Edgewood Clinical Services offers pre-operative psychological evaluations for candidates considering bariatric surgery and pain pump implants, among other procedures.

Bariatric surgery and pain pump implants are medical advances that have improved the quality of life for many individuals. Our role in this process is to ensure that clients are prepared for such a procedure and comprehend the risks and potential consequences of their decision.

Evaluations are conducted by one of Edgewood’s licensed clinical psychologists and usually takes three hours to complete. They include computerized assessments as well as an interview with a clinical psychologist. Results are then communicated to the client and their physician within one week of the assessment. The evaluation documents the absence of significant psychopathology that can limit an individual’s understanding of the procedure or ability to comply with the medical/surgical recommendations. Recommendations and psychometric test scores are well documented for insurance purposes, as well as for the medical staff caring for the patient.

The majority of candidates that we meet with are approved for the procedure. However, if barriers are identified, we will work with the client and their physician to assist the client in overcoming their obstacles.

Edgewood also offers post surgical counseling and support to help each individual reach their goals to maintain optimal health. This is especially helpful for individuals who have undergone procedures such as the Gastric Bypass. The premise underlying gastric bypass is that the reduced size of the stomach will improve the person’s eating behavior dramatically. The smaller stomach means reduced caloric intake and requires that the person modify his or her behavior by eating small amounts slowly and chewing each mouthful well. As a result of these behavior changes, people have been shown to lose a significant amount of weight and improve their health status, but doing so with the objective support from a professional counselor will only increase the chances for success.