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Ask an Edge Expert: March 2019

Let’s talk about a fresh perspective  Featured Expert: Dan Sterdt, LPC   As Chicago rolls into March, so too does the promise of Spring and warmer, sunnier days ahead. Yet as with any transition, it is not always easy to break away from the Winter blues. Some folks are bracing themselves for a new season []

Could My Habits be Symptoms of OCD?

Each of us have idiosyncratic behaviors integrated into our daily routines, but these behaviors typically are not time consuming, generally, do not get in the way of our everyday lives, and do not cause clinically significant distress or impairment. For some people, these actions have crossed over from normal functioning to maladaptive and restrictive behaviors. []

Counseling Options for ADHD

When considering treatment for ADHD, many people believe medication is the only option. While medication is certainly a popular treatment method for ADHD, it is only one part of a larger equation. If you are stuck in a rut with your medication or are looking for an alternative approach, it may be time to consider []

Ask an Edge Expert: February 2019

Let’s start talking about couples counseling Featured Expert: Samantha Rose, LSW Every day, mental health is becoming more normalized and mainstreamed in our country.  We are finally talking about feelings and struggles that everyone experiences at some point! Although I couldn’t be happier that we are letting go of the shame associated with mental health, []

Ask an Edge Expert: January 2019

Winter Blues? Featured Expert: Katie Perricone, LCPC We have unofficially reached the point in the year that many of us have forgotten about the New Year’s resolutions, or have become frustrated with them. Life certainly seems to find a way of getting in the way sometimes. Well, I want to send you some positive re-frames, []