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Ask an Edge Expert: September 2018

Caring for our Parents Featured Expert: Christal Mihalo, LCPC Growing up, I loved Saturday mornings!  I would wake up early, grab my comfy blanket and head down to the basement to watch my favorite cartoons. One of my favorite cartoons was “Superfriends and the Hall of Justice”.  I thought Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and magic []

Ask an Edge Expert: September 2018 Bonus Blog!

Eighth Grade Film Analysis Featured Expert: Dan Laluna, Psy.D Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade brilliantly tackles the awkwardness of pre-adolescence through its protagonist, Kayla. While Eighth Grade does not reinvent the wheel in terms of what eighth graders transitioning into high schoolers go through, what it does is capture is the same struggle that previous generations []

Ask an Edge Expert: August 2018

Understanding Trauma Featured Expert: Amber LeFevour, LMFT When people think about trauma, they imagine the absolute worst thing that could happen. People often assume that something does not qualify as trauma unless it is an extreme situation, with an extreme reaction. It’s easy to understand why going to war might be traumatic, but such thinking []

Ask an Edge Expert: July 2018

Summer 101 Featured Expert: Melissa Grupe, PhD, LCPC Summer is an exciting time!  School is out, the days are long, the sun is strong, and you can relax.  Well, maybe in theory.  I have heard from parents and children alike that summer can be daunting.  Some people can experience distress with less routine and structure, []

Ask an Edge Expert: June 2018

Got Kids? Got Guilt Featured Expert: Carolyn Klinkert, LCPC As I sit here tonight thinking about what to write for this article, I also have passing thoughts of “If and how will me missing a crucial part of their day (bedtime) several nights a week have an impact?” and “Is letting them watch Moana while []