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Ask an Edge Expert: July 2018

Summer 101 Featured Expert: Melissa Grupe, PhD, LCPC Summer is an exciting time!  School is out, the days are long, the sun is strong, and you can relax.  Well, maybe in theory.  I have heard from parents and children alike that summer can be daunting.  Some people can experience distress with less routine and structure, []

Ask an Edge Expert: June 2018

Got Kids? Got Guilt Featured Expert: Carolyn Klinkert, LCPC As I sit here tonight thinking about what to write for this article, I also have passing thoughts of “If and how will me missing a crucial part of their day (bedtime) several nights a week have an impact?” and “Is letting them watch Moana while []

Ask an Edge Expert: May 2018

Sometimes having the “fix it” approach can leave us more frazzled than if we had chosen to let it be. Featured Expert: Gina Snavlin, LCPC Ikea furniture- seems like a win-win doesn’t it? Its financially friendly, and great for most spaces. I’ve never enjoyed thinking about organizing more than after pursuing the many different colored []

Ask an Edge Expert: April 2018

Movies Exploring Mental Health Featured Expert: Dan Laluna, Psy.D Movies can be a wonderful platform in which parents and children can have an honest dialogue about everyday life, as well as emotions/mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. Here are three movies that can foster a dialogue in regards to mental illness and everyday []

Ask an Edge Expert: March 2018

BULLYING: What is it? Can it be prevented? What can we do? Ask the Edge Expert: March 2018 Featured Expert: Angie Martin, LCPC What do you do when your child refuses to go to school? Or when your child comes home on the bus with unexplained injuries?  Should you worry if your child starts having []