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The Art of Emotional Responding

You’re having a seemingly normal conversation with your friend or loved one, and suddenly the topic turns to how they feel disrespected, unloved, or unimportant in the relationship. That’s right, they’ve confronted you with their unmet emotional needs. Caught off guard, you respond with anger, resistance, or maybe just silence. Many of us have been []

Counseling Services: Helping You Deal with Life

When it comes to professional counseling services, most people tend to fall into a couple categories—those who have experienced it and know how much it helps, and those who are a bit unsure because they’ve never tried it. Edgewood Clinical Services isn’t your parents’ old-school counseling with the couch as a focus. Instead, we are []

Ask an Edge Expert: December 2018

Grief and Loss: How to Find a Healthy Balance During the Holidays Featured Expert: Jodi Metcalf, LMFT Twinkle lights, festive music, cheerful greetings from loved ones and strangers alike…the holiday season is in full swing here at Edgewood, and everywhere you go these days it seems. For many, this is a time of joy, nostalgia, []

Types of Counseling

Every day, countless people seek out counseling services to find help in some area of life. There are more mental health services than ever before, but with so much variety it is important to distinguish between the types of counseling services that are available in order to find the best fit for you. Maybe you []

When is Counseling Recommended?

Maybe you have a hard time ever feeling motivated to get routine chores done. Maybe you’re crying all the time. Or maybe you’re feeling defeated and hopeless about ever finding that perfect someone to spend your life with. Maybe you have so many demands on your time, both at home and at work, that you []