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Typical Doctor Autism Screening vs. ADOS Testing

As a parent, there is no way to prepare for the words “autism spectrum disorder” when used to describe your child’s behavior. Whether it’s the concern of a teacher or a trusted pediatrician, it’s important to understand what an autism diagnosis could mean for your child. One of the most important steps is to learn []

Ask an Edge Expert: April 2019

Pomp, Circumstance, then what?: The Reality of Transitioning to College Featured Expert: Kate Stevens, LPC You have been thinking about this day for years. The moment when you walk across the stage to that age-old tune, get your diploma and are officially done with high school. This is it. The four years walking the same []

Top 3 Reasons People Why People Avoid Family Counseling

Conflict is inevitable, even in the healthiest families. In times of struggle, counseling can provide families with a safe environment to express feelings, learn communication skills, and build stronger connections. While family counseling offers so many benefits, some families face obstacles that can ultimately prevent them from seeking help. Here are the top three reasons []

Understanding Teen Therapy Options

For some teenagers, adolescence is a whirlwind of emotions. This can be an equally confusing time for parents who wonder what happened to their previously happy child. If your teenager is going through a difficult time, you may have questions about how best to help. But how do you know if your teen is experiencing []

Evaluating Your Children for ADHD

With the growing number of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnoses each year, many parents want to know if their children are exhibiting symptoms of ADHD, or if they are simply showing normal childhood behavior. ADHD affects approximately 8% of children between 6 -17 years of age and is one for the commonly diagnosed mental []