Substance Abuse Counseling

Edgewood provides Substance Abuse Treatment Programs and Services to individuals who have received counseling recommendations as a result of a SAP assessment conducted by another SAP provider and for those volunarily seeking services as a result of a personally identified substance problem.

**Spanish speaking services are available for this program at Edgewood.

Our licensed clinicians are available to provide supportive individual and family therapy services to address all substance related problems. Our clinical team has knowledge and experience in working with Substance Abuse Professionals and Employee Assistance Program counselors and the special responsibilities employers have for ensuring the safety of the public and the well-being of their employees.

At Edgewood, we embrace a Family Therapeutic Model. Especially for adolescents, the family unit plays an important role in successful recovery and making positive life choices going foward. Family therapy is a valuable part of treatment and we strive to make every effort in including the family.

With each individual, our clinicians focus on understanding the underlying issues that may contribute to substance use, misuse and abuse. In a non-judgemental format, we work towards building on existing strengths and setting new healthy life goals.

Our Substance Abuse Counseling programs include the following essential components:

  • Education
  • Skill Building
  • Life Event Processing
  • Family Intervention Planning and Counseling
  • Improving Communication with each individuals Social Support Systems

*Insurance is accepted for Substance Abuse Counseling Services