Adam Ratner, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor
South Naperville

Adam received his Bachelor’s Degree from DePauw University, his Masters in Social Work from Aurora University, and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Illinois.


Adam has experience working with adolescents, adults, families, and couples experiencing personal and interpersonal challenges.  In particular, he enjoys individuals desiring to overcome depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, impulsive behavior and professional/career struggles.  With couples, he has experience with relationship and marital challenges.


Adam believes that every individual and their life challenges are unique. He also believes that no one therapeutic approach works for everyone. Accordingly, he caters his style to fit with his clients’ personalities and goals. Adam employs a variety of therapeutic methods including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychodynamics, Client-Centered Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  For Adam, the objective is to explore the client’s challenges to help him/her develop an awareness of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that become drivers of actions that negatively impact the client. Once there is an understanding of these factors, real growth can occur by recognizing new ways of thinking, acting, and exploring options that can lead to a more complete and fulfilling life.


Finally, Adam recognizes that the strength of his relationship with his clients is paramount to the growth that is possible. Accordingly, Adam ensures a supportive environment for the client that allows him/her to feel at ease and comfortable. Clients find Adam to be down to earth and very easy to talk to.