Margaret Touny, PsyD

Post-Doctoral Fellow
South Naperville & North Naperville

Margaret earned her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2017.  Prior to her graduate education, Margaret earned her B.S. in Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.  Margaret has four years of clinical experience providing therapeutic care to children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups.  She has worked in a variety of settings including elementary, middle, and high schools, an inpatient hospital, community mental health, and university counseling centers.  In addition to her clinical training, she was a teaching assistant for intellectual, personality, and advanced assessment courses.  Her dissertation focused on assessing and understanding female adolescent self-esteem.


Her therapeutic approach involves creating a collaborative relationship with clients that is based upon mutual respect, trust, and nonjudgmental empathy.  With theoretical foundations rooted in existential, humanistic, and psychodynamic tenets, Margaret emphasizes the shared experience of being human and explores the impact of early childhood attachments on relational patterns. Her intention is to understand clients within their unique sociocultural context and to understand how aspects of power, privilege, and oppression present themselves in clients’ lives.  She explores clients’ limitations and choices, and explores ways to empower clients to change and grow.  Throughout the therapeutic process, Margaret views herself as being an active and curious therapist who journeys with clients into their past, present, and hopes for the future.  She feels honored and inspired by her work with clients and their ability to be resilient in the face of suffering.


Margaret specializes in working with survivors of trauma, self-esteem difficulties, women’s issues, and family of origin/interpersonal conflict, in addition to providing comprehensive, individualized psychological testing.  She also has experience providing therapeutic care for individuals across the lifespan experiencing suffering related to depression, anxiety, grief/loss, social anxiety, and identity development, and individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community.  Margaret provides individual, family/couples, and group therapy, as well as psychological assessment.