Rebecca Gadomski, LCSW

President & COO
South Naperville & Lisle

Rebecca is an Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working with individuals and families since 2002. She received her Bachelors Degree in Social Work at Loyola University at Chicago and her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Rebecca believes Therapy is a process of self-exploration through which people increase their self-awareness and realize the power they have to make changes in life. She embraces her role of helping when people feel overwhelmed, lost, or stuck. She has specific training and experience in working with children and families who present with special needs and with those who have endured traumatic experiences.

Rebecca’s areas of specialization are in separation and loss, coping with life changes and complicated transitions, and parenting issues. She has an extensive history of working with the court and legal issues, school districts and special education programs, and DCFS, and continues to be motivated to help families through the process of navigating complicated systems and challenging situations. Rebecca will not hesitate to advocate for her clients and provide the support to link them with community resources and guidance whenever appropriate.

Additional counseling focus areas include managing symptoms of ADHD and anxiety, increasing self-esteem, learning stress and emotion management, as well as problem solving through parenting obstacles.

Overall, Rebecca strives to help families reconnect and work together to better their relationships and ability to communicate effectively with one another.